World city of canoe slalom and so much more…

Augsburg is the Mecca of canoe slalom. The liveable Swabian city of Augsburg is located on the rivers Lech and Wertach. The city of Augsburg is not only known for canoe slalom. It is as well the city of water, the city of culture, the city of peace and much more. Discover the best sights and other things in Augsburg.

Der Eiskanal

Why actually, ice canal?

The ice canal originally served to keep drifting ice away from the city. Hence the name. Later, it became the world's first man-made whitewater course - especially designed and built for the 1972 Olympic canoe competitions.

Unesco Kinder Brunnen


There are over 100 large and small fountains in Augsburg. They are refreshing meeting places and places of communication. More than 20 springs produce pure, natural drinking water that can easily compete with bottled water. Augsburg has some of the best drinking water in Europe.


Life with and in the water

While the canoe route is closed to swimmers because of its roaring white water, other canals and streams invite you to swim and have fun in the summer. On hot days, many take a dip in the Fribbe pool. Or take a rowboat out on the Kahnfahrt.

Herkulesbrunnen Augsburg

World-class works of art

The three monumental fountains, which are located between the city hall and St. Ulrich’s Basilica, probably show the most beautiful side of Augsburg's water system. Year after year, they attract many visitors from all over the world to the city. No wonder! An ensemble of this kind can only be found in Augsburg.

Here you can find more information about the water management system of Augsburg.

Augsburg is a liveable city in all its different facets.

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